Best Art Maquettes


A while back I was trying to improve my figure drawing.  More specifically, I was trying to improve my action poses and camera angles.  I also didn’t want to go through the hassle of hiring a model. I don’t have the space for that and the idea of having a naked woman or guy in the middle of my apartment just seems a little weird.  

I used to have a posable wooden maquette back in the day but it’s just terrible. Its not very flexible. It’s too abstract and the levels of articulation  are very poor. It doesn’t even come close to the level of expression through action desired. So I started googling. There was a maquette from Sideshow Collectibles which was promising. While it was better than the rigid wooden muse it still wasn’t flexible enough. There was that sense of rhythm that was just  lacking. I eventually came across up this high end designer toy known as the Synthetic Human from Japan made by 1000 toys. You may recognize him for my ergonomics post. I paid more than I would like to admit for mine on eBay because they were out of Production. But it was totally worth it. For those hopeful of a re-release, there was a 3rd Edition available this August 2016. It appears that has also sold out. Which means the only way to really get this figure is probably through eBay or maybe the Bait store.


A close runner up or maybe even a better alternative if you like weapons is the 1/6 scale Snake Eyes limited edition toy that will be available at SDCC. I’m pretty confident it will also have the same level of articulation given that the toy is using the Synthetic Human body as its base. For those going  to Comic con In San Diego they will be having an exhibition of their toys including the Synthetic Human At the Bait Store 2F in San Diego as well at the Bait booth. Definitely take a look. 


Here is 1000 Toys Site for more info :


Here are some more images of the Synthetic Human.





Here’s one from my personal collection so you can get a different angle.



A cheaper alternative which I just recently came across is the SH Figuarts Man DX gray action Figure. I cannot speak to its quality but it is from Bandai. It also comes with interchangeable hands, weapons, and other props. Let’s see if I can get a hold of one for a future review.


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