Best Art Maquettes

A while back I was trying to improve my figure drawing.  More specifically, I was trying to improve my action poses and camera angles.  I also didn’t want to go through the hassle of hiring a model. I don’t have the space for that and the idea of having a naked woman or guy in … [Read more…]

Pro tip: Wacom On Screen Controls

For the uninitiated, Wacom tablets comes with the ability to create on-screen menus. Most of us find this feature accidentally when we start fiddling with the buttons the tablet.  However most don’t know that this radial menu can actually be customized and there’s options for a few different menu styles. I find these menus quite … [Read more…]

Style Over Everything!!!???

There is a great article about the value of style and artistic expression over technical ability over at As a commercial artist, I know this constant struggle to reconcile what is best for an individual’s career all too well. Please go have a looksy for yourself.