The Art of Dreamworks Voltron Part 1

The artists behind Dreamworks Voltron. DreamWorks’ Voltron is quite good. It has a great balance of action, humor, and silliness that I haven’t experienced since Lefend of Korra. All this makes sense as it has quite a few Legend of Korra alumni working on the show including show Frontrunners Joaquin Dos Santos and Lauren Montgomery. … [Read more…]

The Art of Vaughan Ling

Today I wanted to celebrate the work of Vaughan Ling. Vaughan is a Concept and 3D artist. His work is an array of motorbikes, spaceships, and robots. All things I can’t get enough of. You can see more of his work at his website Here’s a list of previous projects he’s contributed to Tron: Uprising … [Read more…]

The Delicious Art of Brian Sum

The sum is indeed greater than its parts! (Corny Dr. Evil laugh) I came across Brian Sum’s work through Art Station and I had to share it. His sense of color and shape design is fresh and retro all at once. It’s reminiscent of Yoji Shinkawa and Syd Mead mech designs but a bit more playful in … [Read more…]

Ryan Lang’s New Art Book!

I just got back from San Diego Comic Con and there’s tons of stuff I like to share with you but for right now I wanted to share with you one of the spoils of Comic Con. 2 Scoops White rice is an art book is by Ryan Lang. He is a visual development artist who has worked … [Read more…]

Tribute- RIP Disney Infinity

  It saddens me that one of best designed toys out in the market will be gone. What will we tell the kids? The little infinities are in a better place… It was quite a feat to get all these different intellectual properties to exist in one world and feel consistent. Most impressive! Get them … [Read more…]

Artist Showcase Presents Albert Carranza

This is Frosted Side’s  First interview with our very own Albert Carranza. Albert is currently the Principal artist at Hidden Variable Studios who is working on the recently announced Skullgirls Mobile Game. Previous projects have included League of Legends, Dungeons & Dragons, Thor, Bag it, a tiny role on Threes, and several illegitimate gameplay prototypes.