The Art of Vaughan Ling

Today I wanted to celebrate the work of Vaughan Ling. Vaughan is a Concept and 3D artist. His work is an array of motorbikes, spaceships, and robots. All things I can’t get enough of. You can see more of his work at his website Here’s a list of previous projects he’s contributed to Tron: Uprising … [Read more…]

The Delicious Art of Brian Sum

The sum is indeed greater than its parts! (Corny Dr. Evil laugh) I came across Brian Sum’s work through Art Station and I had to share it. His sense of color and shape design is fresh and retro all at once. It’s reminiscent of Yoji Shinkawa and Syd Mead mech designs but a bit more playful in … [Read more…]

Tribute- RIP Disney Infinity

  It saddens me that one of best designed toys out in the market will be gone. What will we tell the kids? The little infinities are in a better place… It was quite a feat to get all these different intellectual properties to exist in one world and feel consistent. Most impressive! Get them … [Read more…]