Zbrush Summit 2016 is COMING!!!

WHAT IS THE ZBRUSH SUMMIT? From September 30th – October 2nd at LA’s prestigious Gnomon School facilities, Pixologic and ZBrush artists from around the world will come together to bring you the ultimate ZBrush experience. Visit us at the event in Hollywood to take part in exclusive on-site workshops and activites, meet your favorite artists … [Read more…]

Tribute- RIP Disney Infinity

  It saddens me that one of best designed toys out in the market will be gone. What will we tell the kids? The little infinities are in a better place… It was quite a feat to get all these different intellectual properties to exist in one world and feel consistent. Most impressive! Get them … [Read more…]

Artist Showcase Presents Albert Carranza

This is Frosted Side’s  First interview with our very own Albert Carranza. Albert is currently the Principal artist at Hidden Variable Studios who is working on the recently announced Skullgirls Mobile Game. Previous projects have included League of Legends, Dungeons & Dragons, Thor, Bag it, a tiny role on Threes, and several illegitimate gameplay prototypes.

Style Over Everything!!!???

There is a great article about the value of style and artistic expression over technical ability over at 99u.com As a commercial artist, I know this constant struggle to reconcile what is best for an individual’s career all too well. Please go have a looksy for yourself.  

Frosted Manifesto

I bring you Brainfood for the the digital artist. Some junkfood too. I wanted to create a space where we can highlight the great talent working today.  I want to create an outlet where artists can go and check out the latest product reviews before they go and drop their hard earned cash on an … [Read more…]