Pop Comics App creates New Gateway to Self Publish and Monetize



While at San Diego Comic Con, I ran into a rep of Tokyo pop promoting their new app Pop Comics for iOS and Android. You may remember Tokyo Pop. They are large manga publisher I that ran into some trouble during the recession of 2008. But I digress, what’s interesting about POP Comics is that it’s creator focused and community driven. If you are a comic/manga creator and wasn’t sure of the most cost-effective and profitable way to distribute your work this could be for you. It’s free to post and free to use if you’re a fan. Money is generated through ads. So the more popular you become,  the more money you can potentially make. You keep all rights to your work and earn 70% of the ad revenue. Based on my conversation with the rep if your book becomes super popular there are potential opportunities to get a genuine book deal and have your book physically published.


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Find out more on their website.


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