Pro tip: Creating Photoshop Keyboard Shortcuts


Riffing on the last pro tip I thought I would show you how to create custom hockey shortcuts in Photoshop in case a particular action has not been assigned a key combination that you would want to use on your menu.We will be  adding a shortcut hotkey to Puppet Warp because I really like Puppet Warp. it is one of the best new tools that has come out for Photoshop in quite some time.  I use it a lot to adjust proportions and to add more energy to my poses.


Go into Photoshop,  select edit from the main menu. Click on keyboard shortcuts at the bottom of the edit submenu. 



Find the edit section  in the pop up and click the expand Arrow. 

In my example app I’m using puppet warp. Scroll down to puppet warp.



Click on the empty space to the right of the name. This should prompt an entry box.

Select your hotkey shortcut. In my example I ended up using the Hot key shortcut for locking layers as it is a command I seldom use. Commamd+/

Click the accept button.





Now if you want to add the Puppet Warp shortcut to your on screen menu you can.

Have fun and stay frosty!