Pro tip: Wacom On Screen Controls


For the uninitiated, Wacom tablets comes with the ability to create on-screen menus. Most of us find this feature accidentally when we start fiddling with the buttons the tablet. 


However most don’t know that this radial menu can actually be customized and there’s options for a few different menu styles.

I find these menus quite handy at making my workflow more efficient and I thought I would go over how to set them up for your benefit  so that you too can be a hotkey shortcut machine.

On a Mac click on the settings icon.

if you have the Wacom driver installed correctly you’ll notice Wacom tablet icon at the bottom of your system preferences. WacomScreenMenu1

In my particular instance I am using the Express Key Remote however you can program any of the buttons on the Wacom tablet or pen to bring up this menu. You simply need to click on the icon in the device window. Notice the tabs. Click on on-screen controls.


You will notice that there are already a few pre-populated menus on the left for you to use.


In our case we want to make a new menu so click on the plus icon on the bottom.


Name it however you want.


Now you will notice a bunch of empty drop downs.


Click one of the drop-downs and now you will see you have several options including keystrokes  and other useful commands.


Fill in the popup window with your shortcut and name it. If you make a mistake you need to use the clear button. All actions are recorded so don’t try to use the delete button to go back as it will think it’s part of your hotkey shortcut.



In my case, I created a menu with several Photoshop hotkey shortcuts so that I wouldn’t have to play finger twister all over my keyboard.


Once you have the menu created with the hotkey shortcuts of your Choice,  go to the buttons layout which in my case is the Express Key Remote buttons and select on-screen controls from the drop-down.


You should see your name panel in that list. Select it  and you are good to go.

Stay Frosty!