Tribute- RIP Disney Infinity



It saddens me that one of best designed toys out in the market will be gone. What will we tell the kids? The little infinities are in a better place…

It was quite a feat to get all these different intellectual properties to exist in one world and feel consistent. Most impressive!

Get them while you can. As a fan I’m happy Boba Fett figure made it out alive before the plug was pulled. Siempre como Culebra Boba!

Let’s take a look at some of the great talent that went into this fine toy/game line. It really does take a village to make a game right.




Art Direction

Jeff Bunker Studio Art Director


Concept Art

Jason Kim Lead Concept Artist




Pose Studies


Final Product Pose


anakin_and_ahsoka_sp-copy1 glo_buzzshort

Early concept for figure design.






Sebastien Gallego



Jon Diesta Lead Character Designer

JonDiesta JonDiestaInfinity_Frozen_Anna_ConceptArt

David Gilson

David Gilson



Sam Nielson Concept Artist


Sam Nielsonff516407a1a8976120f6f40f1f99f167


Ben Simonsen Principal Concept Artist

ben-simonsen-star-wars-epic-battle-ben-simonsen ben-simonsen-the-force-ben-simonsen


For those who do not know, these characters were sculpted in Zbrush.

Making of an Olaf Disney Infinity Figure



Here are some of the great sculptors we have to thank:

Redbeard Matt Thorup- Character Artist

matt-thorup-avg-ironman-package-final matt-thorup-emp-chewie-package-final matt-thorup-emp-hansolo-package-final matt-thorup-tb-merida-package-final matt-thorup-tbx-nick-wilde-fob-01-final

Ian Jacobs- Senior Character Artist


ian-jacobs-greengoblin ian-jacobs-finn ian-jacobs-donaldduck ian-jacobs-yoda

Shane Olsen Character Department Head


One of my personal Faves.


shane-olson-810m847yanl-sl1500   shane-olson-gamorafigure




Wanna learn from these guys:

Sam Nielson teaches at Schoolism for those who want to learn from this digital maestro


For those who would like learn Zbrush from these amazing sculptors Matt Thorup and Shane Olsen have gumroad tutorials available.


Thank you for the amazing work. I’m sure others will agree you work has been very inspiring and pushing me to do greater quality art.

If you worked on Disney Infinity and would like to be included, please message me at